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BB Music 2002 - track 29 - Element Four - BB Music (CDr)

4 thoughts on “ BB Music 2002 - track 29 - Element Four - BB Music (CDr)

  1. Nitilar
    ELEMENTS Vinyl Records and CDs Vintage-style Roots Reggae from Louisiana. The Elements keep a tight groove with live instrumentation and a punchy horn section, but it's the warm, honey-dipped vocals that stand out brightest.
  2. Tektilar
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  3. Goltisar
    “Elements” is the combination of B.O.B’s previous four mixtapes: “WATER”, “FIRE”, “EARTH”, and “AIR”. All of these mixtapes voices Bobby Rays conspiracy theories such as: the.
  4. Viktilar
    Today in Music History for July 4: In , jazz trumpeter and singer Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong was reputed to have been born in New Orleans. But in , a music historian discovered a baptismal.

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