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(You Are) The Color Of Love

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  1. Meztigor
    Mar 04,  · If you can manage to get through the song, you’ll find that she doesn’t really tell us what the color of her love, or any love is. The closest she comes is “I’ll paint a sun to warm your heart / Swearing that we’ll never part / That’s the color of my love”.
  2. Kajirn
    Jun 11,  · The Color of Love Lyrics: I was lonely / I needed someone to see me through / And I was at the end of my rope / I needed someone to cut me lose / And then an angel, out of the blue / .
  3. Tauk
    Read or print original Love Me Like You Do lyrics updated! [Verse 1] / You're the light, you're the night / You're the color of my.
  4. Tojabei
    Green is the Color of Love Looking at love from a spiritual perspective changes everything— including the color of love! In western culture we associate the color red with love. Red and pink hearts are ubiquitous with Valentine’s Day.
  5. Nerr
    And the color of love is in you. Like a bridge over (over)over troubled, troubled waters. You stood beside me (stood beside me) And your love did not falter. Then an angel, the angel in you. Gave me the strength to trust the lord. would see me through.
  6. Arashigrel
    Green is the color of healing, nature, balance, and good health, and when we associate green with love, it is on a global level. Green speaks to our desire to foster understanding and acceptance between people and to see the potential value and goodness of each person.
  7. Tekora
    The Color of Love Synopsis. Read Full Synopsis Cast + Crew Gena Rowlands Georgia Porter Penny Bae Bridges Jacey Louis Gossett, Jr. Lou Hastings Previous Cast Members More Cast Members. See Full Cast + Crew for The Color of Love Features Load More Features.
  8. Brajin
    Mar 19,  · Directed by Sheldon Larry. With Gena Rowlands, Louis Gossett Jr., Penny Fuller, Stella Parton. Louis Gossett, Jr. and Gena Rowlands find themselves in a dispute over the custody of a young adorable bi-racial girl, who just happens to be their grandchild. The child's (Jacey's) parents are Gossett's son and Rowland's daughter, and have died in a tragic accident leaving the granddaughter's.
  9. Juramar
    Love is a tricky business for the youth of Iran, where illicit flirting, cruising and dating are punishable offenses. As these traditional values clash with the growing influence of Western Category: Art House & International, Documentary.

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