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Lost In Pain - Torment (8) - Where Dwells A Mortal Torment (CDr)

8 thoughts on “ Lost In Pain - Torment (8) - Where Dwells A Mortal Torment (CDr)

  1. Samunos
    Blade of the Immortal Type Dagger, Artifact General Name Blade of the Immortal Lore to Identify 45 Proficiency Edged Damage Piercing Enchanted +1 THAC0 +1 Speed 1 Weight 0 lb Base Price 0 Copper Usable By Everyone but priests "This is the strange blade that the iron golem forged using a drop of your blood. It is an ugly looking weapon, shaped so it resembles one of the symbols on your left.
  2. Tojagal
    I don't think anyone would like to meet Alarielle with a full stack of Treemen when mortal world torment is at 75%+ threshold. You're right, it is there. The overview saying she gets nerfed at high corruption levels isn't really true. It's more like that she has reduced magical abilities in exchange for melee buffs to herself and forest spirits.
  3. Yom
    Where Dwells a Mortal Torment () Sanitys Dawn discography (misc) Recordings () > Sanitys Dawn discography (all) Mangled in the Meatgrinder () Recordings Torment - Lost in Pain (loading lyrics) Torment - Blinded by Darkness (loading lyrics) Torment - Morbid Mortality
  4. Fesida
    To mortal men, He with his horrid crew * Lay vanquish'd, rolling in the fiery Gulf, stonish'd Confounded, though immortal. But his doom * Reserv'd him to more wrath: for now the thought thoughts 55 Both of lost Happiness and lasting Pain Torments him. Round he throws his baleful eyes, Torment That witness'd huge affliction and dismay.
  5. Tojagor
    TORMENT. The Greek word ba·sa·niʹzo (and related terms) occurs over 20 times in the Christian Greek exuninivtweedanopdelcomppuncstanin.xyzinfo basically meant “test by the proving stone [baʹsa·nos]” and, by extension, “examine or question by applying torture.”Lexicographers point out that in the Christian Greek Scriptures it is used with the sense of ‘vexing with grievous pains; being harassed, distressed.’.
  6. Voshicage
    Opening with a meditation on Amnesty’s torture reports, The Body in Pain slowly and shockingly gives way to a homespun metaphysics of demiurgic human creativity. Pain, Scarry announces, is.
  7. Kazijar
    Fastest torment XIII build. Avarice Band makes Frailty absolutely barbaric paired with Spreading Malediction. Goldwrap makes you immortal. Can swap out pain enhancer for Wreath of Lightning for even more speed (its not needed) Swap out "Bone Armor - Dislocation" for "Bone Armor - Harvest of Anguish" for more speed (not needed:P) IF YOU DIE: 1.

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